The 2013 EURAMA Meeting in Amman will be the kick-off of a long-term training program the Society is willing to develop in favour of young physicians.
This program is also developed in the framework of actions aiming at accrediting and networking training centers, especially in Middle East and Asia.

In this perspective EURAMA is currently starting a survey involving national societies of senology and oncology, national leagues against cancer, nationwide medical associations involved in treatment of breast cancer, and regional bodies promoting the fight against this cancer, including patient action groups.
Questionnaires will be sent to the representatives and executive boards of the identified bodies in order to both assess their degree of interest to collaborate to this vast educational program and build a training platform encompassing all diagnosis and treatment national and regional poles which will meet the minimum requirements to ensure high quality levels in breast disease management.

In the same way e-learning vectors will be developed through telemedicine in order to address specific issues along the chain of breast cancer management procedures. Any national and regional body mentioned here above and interested in helping EURAMA build this educational platform can contact PD Dr Jacques Bernier, member of the Executive Board, via the following email address:

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