Eurama Fellowship
The EURO-ASIAN SOCIETY FOR BREAST DISEASE awards (postdoctoral) fellowships each year to encourage and help young doctors in their career who are working in the breast cancer field to obtain clinical experience by visiting highly specialised cancer centres.
EURAMA fellows have various opportunities to interact and collaborate with many oncology-related specialties related to oncology, and enhance skills in basic, clinical, behavioural areas of breast cancer expertise for effective application and use at the home organization upon return.


  • Objectives:
  • to facilitate rapid international transfer of cancer knowledge and know how;
  • to enhance skills in cancer research, prevention, diagnosis, cure and cancer control;
  • to acquire appropriate clinical management for effective application at the home organization upon return.

The fellowship programme foresees a training period of 1, 3 or 6 months.

Young doctors from Eastern countries, aged 40 or less, are welcome to apply. Excellence is the prime selection criterion. Your application should be accompanied by a short curriculum vitae and by two reference letters. Areas of interest are: radiology, surgery, nuclear medicine, pathology, radiotherapy, plastic surgery, research. Please apply by completing the web application form available at: fellowship@euramainternational.com