EURAMA’s objective is to spread scientific knowledge from the West (where mortality is gradually declining) to the East (where, on the other hand, incidence and mortality are dramatically increasing).
During the EURAMA congresses, experts from Europe and Asia meet to illustrate key issues in breast cancer prevention, treatment and research, aiming to improve knowledge and know-how in those countries which have not access to the latest cancer treatment innovations.

EURAMA also supports the organisation of congresses, workshops, training courses, and residential courses. One of the most important initiative is to create fellowships for young doctors, thereby giving them the possibility of attending high level comprehensive cancer centres.

EURAMA will cover the following areas: epidemiology, screening, prevention, genetic risk, diagnosis, radiology, early detection, surgery and onco-plastic surgery, pathology, nuclear medicine, medical oncology, radiotherapy, patient support.

In addition, an annual EURAMA Donna convention will be held during the EURAMA congresses with the aim of making women sensitive through adequate information and giving them the possibility of having access to adequate medical treatment.

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