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From 06/09/2018  -  To 07/09/2018

Ukraine Eurama Breast Cancer Congress

Dear friends,

Ukraine Eurama Breast Cancer Congress will be held in Vinnytsia, Ukraine on 6-7 September 2018.

The purpose of the Congress, organized by Eurama in collaboration with the Regional Oncological Center of Podillia (Vinnytsia, Ukraine), is to promote an exchange of knowledge in the field of breast cancer treatment between West and Est countries.

The basic themes of the Congress will be:
- screening and prevention of breast cancer
- breast cancer imaging
- adjuvant therapy for breast cancer
- surgery
- plastic surgery
- targeted drug therapy
- endocrine therapy
- radiotherapy
- pathology
- familial/genetic factors
- life style

We look forward to seeing you in Vinnytsia in September 2018!

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