Dear Friend,

we have set up in 2010 EURAMA, the Euro-Asian Mastology Association.

We hope you agree that this initiative is very important: it aims at nothing less than tackling the growing incidence of breast cancer in countries where the disease is barely acknowledged and where treatment facilities are not up-to-date.

In the West, where breast cancer mortality is declining, we have the duty to share our breast cancer knowledge and know-how with the many Asian and East European countries that are now fighting against the breast cancer problem. These countries have the political will to work toward achieving control of this major killer of women.

We am writing to you in the hope that you or your company will be able to provide financial support to the EURAMA initiative. Company sponsorship will, of course, be acknowledged in the literature and at EURAMA meetings. If you would like to have more information or if you would like to discuss a specific sponsorship, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Umberto Veronesi
Professor Stefano Zurrida

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