www.euramadonna.comIn many East European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries, there is a lack of awareness about breast cancer and its screening practices. Women are mostly unaware not only of the common risk factors but also of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. The use of screening practices is not frequent and needs to be promoted by health education.
These issues has led to the creation of EURAMA DONNA (Euro-Asian Women’s Coalition) within the EURAMA association.


  • Aims of EURAMA DONNA are:
  • to encourage the exchange and dissemination of accurate and up-to-date information on breast cancer from west to east;
  • to encourage women to examine their breasts and have regular check-ups;
  • to make women more “breast aware” and have them regularly participate in an early detection programme;
  • to make the best treatment available for the different types of breast cancer;
  • to provide the best supportive care during and after treatment ; quality of life must be a major priority;
  • to ensure that all health care professionals receive adequate training;
  • to ensure that the function and quality of all diagnostic equipment is checked regularly;
  • to insist that patients are informed, simply and clearly, regarding the treatment options, the possibility of participating in clinical trials, and of their right to ask for a second opinion;

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